Welcome to the official site of the Italian Chamber of Commerce-Egypt (CCI-Egypt). Your Business is Our Business.

33, Abdel Khalek Sarwat St. Down Town 11511 Cairo, Egypt  facebook
Tel: (+2 02) 23922275 • 23937944 • 23919911 • 23927733  Fax: (+2 02) 23912503 

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An agreement was signed lately between BANCA POPOLARE DI SONDRIO (BPS) & the Italian Chamber of Commerce - Egypt (CCI-Egypt) 
to develop business relations between Egypt and Italy.

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Egyptian Members 2016 Italian Members 2016
M I S for Import Studio Legale Avv Rossana Lacerenza
AMGAAD For Import & Export Incico SPA
Garrana Group Mechanicca
Techno Spark For Engineering and Trade Ediltecno
Agritech For Modern Agriculture Mechanization & Trade Fimar
Arabian Drilling Equipment Star jet Marketing & trading
United Metals For Alloy Manufacture Sices Misr
United Organization For Supplying And Industrial Engineering Savino Delbene
Pheel.It Foma
Arabian Italian for Import - Export Co. P & G Legal
Maher Samy Markos Mikhail Lube Industries
Al Amer For Import & Export Faer Ambienti
Al-Alamya Trading Energy Systems G.T.A Misr
Royal Gold Factory Divella SPA
Al Fagr For Electric Motors Trading Global group italia
Hussein Abdel Hafez Ibrahim Tannery
Saad Youssef Selima & Partners
Menf For Tourism Co
Fly Optics
Al Sharq For Ceramic and Porcelain
International Company For Sugar Trading
El Ramlawy Food Co.
Travel Choice Overseas LTD. Egypt
El Safwa Co For Flour Milling
Al Amar Co For Marble & Granite
Egy Denim Fawzy Fathy El Salamony Co.
F & H for Import & Export &
Samia Helmy Abdelkader For Import & Export
Army Shop
Sama For Import & Export
Active Industrial
Soneca Co Import & Export
Depo Coat Company For Metal Painting
STM For Engineering & Contracting
Tropicana For Projects
Smart Vision Group
Orion Food Industries
Al Tawheed Wheel Alignment & Tire Balances
Al Sherouk Chemicals S.A.E
FMT Middle East
Ficher Group Import & Export
Pronto Shoes
Mariout Engineering & Construction
Arabia Contracting Company (A.C.C)
Elite Medical Services
Dream Advanced Projects Office Furniture
Souq.com For E.Commerce
Jeans Sam
Chem Pharma
Maxeem For Import & Export
Comax For Restaurant Equipment & Catering
Bedeco Establishment (Badia Boules faragalla)
A & G Gold
Red sea resort international for touristic development
Mena Associates
Silver for import & export
ElDawlia for Gold Formulation
National Company for trade cotton clothes
El Saqr Co For Papers
Ell Gonih Tannery
Alnor and Al Iman for Constructions and trade
Art of form
The Egyptian company
Barki Optician
Samara Car
Chahir Habib law firm
El Batal For Public Contractors
Agon Egypt for trading
Stone Mar For Marble & Granite
El Arby Company for Engineering & Industries
Blend Furniture
Milano For Circular Textile
Italian for paints
Gold Eagle for import & export
Mosaadco for import & export
Royal Optical
Arab Fruit
El Maleka Company For Import & Export and Commercial Agencies
El Maleka for Food Industries Co.
Al Masia Metal Industries
International Co. For Marble & Granite
Industrial Services Centre
International Trading Centre
El Saad Electric Co.
Al Bahar For Import & Export
Up Foods
Ban Trade
Egy Motor For Industrial and Trading
Shenouda Nasr William - El Ragaa El Saleh
El Wesal for Trading
ICONIC Design Studio
Gana Class Co
Golden Industrialo Investment
Quality Engineering Office
European Co for Imp & Exp and Commercial Agencies
Al Mashreq Al Arabi For Import and Export
Elf for Manufacturing paper
El Sayadeen Food Industries Co.
El Saqr Co For Papers
El Fagr For Import & Export
Dod Shoes & Bags
El -Bostan For Reconstruction & Agricultural Development
George Ibrahim Botros
BBM for Import & Export
Golden Hotels & Touristic Projects Equipmemnts
El Qersh For import & Export
Vantex Company for Manufacturing
El Omaraa Co for Marble & Granite
Ismailia Stone For Marble & Granite
Silver Stone for Marble & Granite
New Mena Plast -Krah Misr
El Gallad Furniture
Mental Flame
Al-Mahaba Factory for Ready-Made Clothes
High Qulaity for Trade and Aegncies
Abo Rawash Co Supply & Export
Holool Integrated Systems
El Hotebi Furniture
El Nour Co -Nabil Farag Mohamed
Agon Egypt For Trading & Industries
Transit Transport for Services
Agthia Group Egypt
Aqua Nile / ANCI
El Salama For Import and Export
Sina For Engineering Projects
Ram Marine for Import and Export
3 M Co for Import & General Supplies
Al Alamia For Insulation Co.
AL Khalil Co For Rent Equipment
Al Mohandes Furniture
Al Quds For Plastic
Alex Farm For Trade,Food industries and Investment
Al-Sindian Paper Mill Co. S.A.E
Aqua Sport
Asfour for Mining And Refractories "El Arabia For Trading and Insdustry"
Ayoub Law Firm
Blue Go Dive
Dod Shoes & Bags
Egyptian Italian Co. For Resturants .
Egyptian Marble City
El Alamia for Import & Export.
El Fakhr Co For Import and Export
El Fares Co. For Import & Export
El Hamd Co.
El Masriya Co
El Omaraa Co for Marble & Granite
El Saleh Company
El Sharaf Gym
El Shorouk for Export & Import
El Waha
Elf for manufactrue Paper
Fatma Barakat Law firm
Five Builders For Contracting
FMT Steel
Friend Top For General contracting
Germany Philibs
Great Stone for Marble & Granite
Guru for Trading and Distribution -Persona Imports
Hansa Freight Limited
Horizon co Investment Company and Industrial Development
Hussein Abdel Hafez Ibrahim Tannery
Image Marble and Granite
Industria Industrial Agencies
Ismailia Stone For Marble & Granite
Italian Home
Maher Samy Markos Mekhaeil
Marmi for Investment
Mental Flame
Modica For Textiles
Mohamed Mahmoud Moahmed Yehia and Partners
Mohamed Salah Mostafa Darwish Office
Mondial Chandeliers & Import Export
Multi Brands
Ocean Queen Shipping
Paloma For Real Estate Investment & Touristic Resturants
Petro Project For Enviroment Services
Queen For Gelatine
Ram Marine For Import and Export
Saal Invest /Pizzeria Roma
Saba Co for Import &Export
Safwa Group Egyptian International Co.
San Lorenzo Import and Export
Sehely Textile & Dyeing Co
Shahir Habib lawyer office
Sheffield Company For Trade & Co
Sila Edible Oil
Sira import and Export Corp.
St.Mary &Abo Sefein Hospital
The Golden Company For Import & Export
Thomas Patisserie
World Technology For Import & Export
El Fadaly for industry & trade
Egitto contracting company
CIS custom integration services
Raslan Motor group